Over the weekend, a whole lot of celebs and a puny ScoopWhoop writer a.k.a me lost our collective sleep over these mystery figurines popping all over the country like some holy testament waiting to be explained. 

I mean look at this ominous little installation, staring at us... taunting us... #UndeniableChills

I, for one, did wait for a Moses-esque figure to descend from the heaven holding tablets and making sense of this gripping secret. Turns out, the reason behind this was not as dramatic as I had imagined in my head, but exciting nonetheless. 

The good folks at Amazon had used this artsy ploy to market their Prime Day Sale which happens on, you guessed it, 16th July!

How are we so sure, you ask? The answer came from the installations themselves. One fine morning, these figurines had noticeable additions that made things as clear as day.

See what I mean?

Right there! You can't miss it.

Now before you begin to feel all sorts of disappointment for expecting something more (don't worry, I did too) let's take a moment to evaluate how important Amazon Prime has been to our lives. For one, it's made impulsive shopping easier. With so many deals, discounts and offers already on Amazon, adding free shipping is just the cherry on top that we need. 

To prove this fine point, yesterday I have polished off a wishlist worth eight thousand because it's better to have things than have regrets. Needless to mention, that I am super pumped about the Prime Day Sale and if your burgeoning carts are any indication, you are too! 

16th July, get here already!