Take This Quiz To Find Out What Your Dreams Mean

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While we may tend to brush dreams aside as nothing more than the result of an overactive imagination, there are times when we can't help but think - do dreams have a deeper meaning?

The mystery of how our brain functions is something that we can keep pondering over. But it is not hard to imagine that dreams are actually an extension of what our subconscious mind is thinking. So take this quiz to find out what your recurring dreams signify:

1. How often do you dream?


Once or twice a week

Very rarely


2. Who do you dream about the most?





3. How much of your dreams do you remember?

The whole dream, right down to the last detail

Only remember parts of dreams

Remember nothing

Remember most of it, but not all

4. Pick one of the following to describe the nature of your dreams





5. How qualified are you?


Post Graduate

High School


6. Which of the following words would you associate with calm?

Beach and waves

Trees and sunlight


None of the above

7. Were any of the following items present in your dream?

Your favorite snacks 

Your gadgets

Your clothes and shoes

Your favorite accessories

8. What is the most persistent theme in your dreams?

You’re falling

You’re being chased

You’re flying 

You’re distressed 

9. Who are you scared of seeing in your dream?

People who’ve passed away 

People who are present 

People who you haven’t met in a long time

None of the above 


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