Starks, Baratheons, Lannisters, Targaryens; they all form the wheel that has ruled the 7 kingdoms of Westeros for centuries. And Game of Thrones has introduced us to these proud houses with legacies that many families would sacrifice themselves to have. We have been well informed about certain characteristics that rule these houses. For example, we know that the Starks are a loyal bunch. They take pride in their tradition. We know that the Lannisters, with the exception of Tyrion and possibly Jaime, are rich scums and so and so. And we have often wondered as to which houses would suit us the most.

Well, there is one more thing that possibly determines our prime characteristics- our sun signs. So what we did was, pick the top characteristics that go with our sun signs and relate them with that of the great houses of Westeros. And huh, we did get some convincing answers. So if you have ever wondered, what house you belong to, or if it's not a house you belong to at all, help yourself and have a look.

So, you probably didn't get sorted into the house you wanted. Well, this ain't Harry Potter. But, even if you turned out to be a Frey, remember, if Jaime Lannister could redeem himself, so can you. 

Design Credit: Mir Suhail