WhatsApp is easily the most used app on almost everyone's phone. And the app that's made original SMS-ing pretty much obsolete, is now all set to take over the world of phone calls too. After having brought us the calling option some time back and rolling out the new font more recently, the latest version of WhatsApp has yet another cool feature on offer.

According to NDTV Gadgets 360, the beta version 2.16.189 of WhatsApp for Android now allows its users to call back people they've missed calls from as well as to alternatively leave them a voice message.

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When a call has been missed, these new features give the user the option between calling the person back immediately and recording a voice mail that will appear to the recipient as a regular voice message.

Both options appear on the same screen, making it as user-friendly as it gets. And the user on the other side doesn't necessarily need to have the latest version of the app to be able to access your communication.

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This particular version hasn't yet been launched at the Google Play store, but the new features are already available in the app's updated version. And iPhone users may have to wait just a bit longer till they're also up on the App Store.

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Too bad, iPhone users! And if you're an Android user, go on and get yourself that awesome update!

Feature source: TOI