Kevan Chandler suffers from spinal muscular atrophy but he is fulfilling his dream of travelling across the world, with the help of a few determined friends. 

Source: CNN

The group of people started a project called 'We Carry Kevan' and made the impossible, possible. 

They took turns to carry him on their backs as they explored the beautiful continent of Europe.  

Source: People

Kevan, who is bound to a wheelchair due to his disability, has now seen Europe and plans to visit China next. 

Source: WBOI

He suffers from muscular atrophy and is not ashamed about it. 

"It's not a bad word, it's not a misconception. We cannot walk. My disability is a part of who I am but not entirely. I am not defined by the wheelchair I am in," he says. 

Source: Daily Mail

Talking about the project, Kevan says, "We redefined the idea of accessibility. We want to spread the idea that accessibility is not ramps and automatic doors and elevators."

"While those things help, accessibility is ultimately about people helping people."

Source: News Sentinel

Kevan says whether it's life or a trip, we need each other and that is what friendship is all about. 

All kinds of friendship and travelling goals, right there.