As they say, health is wealth. So, it is only obvious that we try to remain healthy and even go extra lengths to do so. We follow diets, try to have organic food, cut on carbs, go to the gym, increase protein intake and so on. But while these are the extra measures we take to remain healthy, we sometimes do not realise how some small factors affect our health.

Factors like how we sleep.

But in what way does sleeping affect our health, you ask? Research says that sleeping on your left side - rather than on your right side - keeps you healthy.

Source: 10gjera

As reported by Reshareable, Dr. Johan Douillard explains how sleeping on your left side is beneficial in his research.

Dr. Douillard says that the lymphatic system which is responsible for the removal of harmful toxins is located on the left part of the body, right above the heart. When one sleeps on the left side, the lymphatic nodes work more efficiently which involves pushing out the lymph fluid and waste through the thoracic cavity.

Source: Fitwirr

On the other hand, sleeping on the right side slows down the process of pumping out toxins. It means that we retain harmful toxins in our body for a longer period and that can in turn cause health issues.

Source: Dr. Michelle Robin

The spleen too, located on the left part in your back helps clean and drain the system better. The food is also dumped into the small intestine in a more effortless manner if one sleeps on the left side.

But the biggest benefit, as Dr. Douillard explains is that the heart has a large artery coming out of it called the aorta, which curves to the left part of the body. So when the heart is pumping, it is literally pumping downhill as opposed to sleeping on the right side, which would make the heart work harder.

You can check out Dr. Douillard's video here.