She eagerly put it in her mouth. 

Running her tongue across it like she'd tasted heaven, she swirled it in her mouth like this was all she wanted. Soon, she could feel it dripping down her chin. Things were never going to be the same. She had tasted it and now, there was no looking back.

They said it was the best ice-cream parlor in the world and she finally understood why!

For all of you who thought I was referring to a certain male organ, it's time you get your heads out of the gutter and put them to some real work. 

If you've found yourself gasping for air after a damn good meal or have always been eager to get dirty with a huge-yet-delicious burger, you know food the way I do. And you probably agree that food is better than sex!

Here are 12 solid reasons as to why food is indeed better than sex. Looking for a bae? Order a good meal, maybe? 

I rest my case. 

Super illustrations by Aroop Mishra