Kuchh to log kahenge, logo ka kaam hai kehna. To hell with all the 'hawwws'. 

Here follows a list of reasons why shorts are plain awesome.

1. Because, POCKETS. Eeeeep.

2. Because everyone is allowed to wear clothes they feel confident in.

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3. Because dear society, body positivity is here to stay.

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4. Because, they look a-banging. FaLaLa LaLa.

5. Because, why should boys have all the fun? 

6. Because, high-waisted shorts are cute and hot AF, at the same time. And if they offend someone, then it is their problem. #Sorrynotsorry.

7. Because logon ke kehne se humein ghanta farak nahi padta.

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8. Because, Poo Mata, in K3Gsaid 'PHAT' is 'Pretty hot and tempting!'

9. Because, we don't ascribe to popular media's sexualisation of legs.

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10. Because, why not. Queen emojis.

11. Because, the comfort though.

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12. Hello, fraands, shorts pehen lo. Kick-ass hai.

13. Because patriarchal regulations and beauty standards are both BS and contradictory.

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14. Because, life's too short to give a fuck as to what other's think.

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15. Because, it's draining to explain our life choices every minute, every day.

16. Because, we'll just do what we wanna do, and zone out society's comments.

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17. Because, we hope for a day, that we don't have to write articles like these again. Peace out.