High heels look great and all but keeping it on for a long time can really lead to serious health problems. Here are 10 reasons you should ditch your stilettos right now: 

Source: www.shape.com

1. According to research, pressure on the knee joints increase, giving rise to knee problems.

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2. Wearing high heels for a long time can lead to urogenital problems. 

Source: invorma.com

3. Your leg muscles are at a constant risk of getting sprained or damaged. 

Source: www.express.co.uk

4. A study suggests, you can end up with severe joint pains and symptoms that can lead to arthritis or premature osteoarthritis

Source: www.health24.com

5. The unnatural curve your feet take hardens the skin on your toes and feet which can be extremely painful. 

Source: doctorhealthpress.com

6. Heels push your pelvis forward when you walk which in turn puts enormous pressure on your lower back causing it to pain. 

Source: infobtc.net

7. Prolonged use of high heels can disfigure the usual shape of your feet which is also known as hammer toe

Source: remedyandcure.com

8. Ankle sprains are common when you walk on an uneven surface with high heels. 

Source: www.physiooncollins.com

9. Leg ligaments and tissues weaken when you wear high heels. 

Source: www.draxe.com

10. Your toes go into a permanent hyperextension position which is not natural. 

Source: youtube.com

Thank god for flats and shoes.