When it comes to crimes in our country, a victim's testimony is sometimes worth so little that we often fail to convict the culprits. Here's one such victim who is awaiting justice for the past 3 years.

In 2014, an Uttar Pradesh woman was pressurised to marry a man with whom she shared a physical relationship. In her report to Bareilly SSP, she alleges that her so-called husband sold their baby to a childless couple for 25,000 and now demands the child be brought back to her and the man be punished. 

It all started in 2013 when I got in touch with Shavez, who was a trader of embroidery work. I was working as zari artisan and he used to frequent my house. He got into a physical relationship with me on the assurance of marriage. But once I got pregnant, he started threatening me of dire consequences if I narrated my ordeal to anyone or approached police for help. I have been suffering for the past three years and want this ordeal to end. I want Shavez and his family to be booked for making me suffer and my child be returned to me.
Source: Feministaa

This 25-year-old woman revealed that even after their divorce, he forced her into remarrying a middle-aged man who was a father of seven kids.

I somehow managed to escape from him.

Following the incident, she first lodged a complaint at Premnagar police station in June last year but was cheated yet again when the man turned down the terms of agreement. She then decided to approach Bareilly SSP to look into the matter. While speaking to The Times Of India, Deputy Inspector General of Uttar Pradesh, Ashutosh Kumar said -

The charges levelled by the rape survivor are grave and we will make sure that the matter is probed by a woman circle officer and all angles are investigated.

This shocking incident yet again shows us the way we treat the crime victims in our country and why we need to pay more attention to the lives of those who go through all the suffering and not the ones who get away with it in no time. Let's hope she gets justice soon.