When parents split up, family changes. And it's the lives of the children involved which gets affected the most when it happens. However, although there are too many examples of the opposite thing happening, children don't actually have to suffer the emotional pain forever. Take for example, this inspiring woman expressing her gratitude to her ex's new girlfriend, for all the love and concern she has for her daughter.

In her own words, Audrey Nicole is extremely grateful for 'the other woman' in her life. Because she is the one who takes care of her daughter, Riley, when she visits her father's place. 

Source: Audrey Nicole | Facebook

In a heart-warming Facebook post, she poured out all her emotions in order to thank Whitney Mcgraw for taking care of her daughter when she is not around. Here's what she had to say - 

With over 350K likes and 145K shares, this FB post is being shared all over the world for its touching message. Because there's no harm in working together for the benefit of your own kids.