Meet Man Kaur, a 100-year-old sports enthusiast who loves running and winning! 

Kaur, who participated in Americas Masters Games, achieved an unbelievable feat. Something that has inspired athletes, young & old, around the world.

The woman from Chandigarh actually ran the 100 meter dash and bagged a gold medal at the games held in Vancouver, British Columbia. Although she was the only one taking part in that event, you don’t really see 100-year-old women running a 100 meter race, leave alone win a medal. She deserves a medal for just having the courage to show up.

But she wanted to truly earn it and completed the race in almost a minute and a half, while fellow competitors, aged 70 to 80, cheered her on. Kaur finished the race and sipped on some much needed water.

Her 78-year-old son, Gurdev Singh told the Associated Press, “When she wins, she goes back to India, and she’s excited to tell others, ‘I have won so many medals from this country.’ Winning makes her happy.”

Honestly, if I were a 100, alive, and even able to walk, I would be proud to tell people about it. But she actually won a medal and that too in a 100 meter race! So she deserves all the spotlight she can get.

It was her son who encouraged her to run when Kaur was 93, knowing that she had star potential. He was right. She truly embodies the ‘It’s never too late‘ phrase! 

She has won more than 20 medals in similar events held around the world. Kaur not only inspires people through her medals & victories but also tells other women that they should take up sports & also encourage their children to do so. 

To all those saying age is catching up, the only thing catching up is this brave woman running down the track.