At 7 years of age when most of us are struggling with multiplication and division, Sushma Verma from Lucknow entered the Limca Book of Records as the youngest student to clear the Class 10 exam. 

By 13, she was done with her undergrad and by 15, the young girl had an M Sc degree to her name! That, in addition to scoring a Semester Grade Point Average (SGPAs) of 8!

What makes her story even more impressive is that she graduated from the college where her father works as a sanitation worker. 

In an interview with TOI, Sushma said she had faced a tough financial challenge and thanked people who’ve helped her with her funding. In fact, impressed by her hard work, Sushma was also given a grant of Rs. 8,00,000 towards higher education by Sulabh International Chief, Dr Bindeshwari Pathak. 

Topping the first 3 semesters during her M Sc days, she also made India proud when she was invited for an IQ test in Japan where she competed with 35 other students of her age and stood first!

So much for her age! Unfortunately, age is also something that has proved to be a roadblock for her. 

The Better India

Unlike most of us, Sushma has always known that she wants to be a doctor. However, given her age, she can’t sit for the entrance until she turns 17. Hence, she decided she’ll do a PhD till she hits 17, almost like it’s a back-up plan for the champ!

Sushma told TOI in an interview:

A person should always be judged by his or her talent and potential, not by age. I desperately wanted to become a doctor but now I have to wait till I turn 17 — it’s a huge disappointment for me.

We hope the little genius can fulfil her dream soon.