With Diwali just around the corner, we all are frantically searching for a swanky OOTD for ourselves, aren’t we? And, guess what? You’ve landed on the right page! Here we have curated a list of 29 outfits that you can wear this Diwali to look chic AF, so scroll up and take cues.  

1. This is how you rock the festive season! 

2. Thoda match, thoda mismatch… 

3. Mint blue to add to your ‘coolness’.

4. Ethnic jacket on a saree to keep the chills at bay. 

5. Lacey corset with lehenga… What an idea madam ji! 

6. Tube bralette + safed saree + statement jewellery = Bomb! 

7. You can’t go wrong with all-white! 

8. ‘Rust’ic vibes only! 

9. Tulle-it-up! 

10. ‘Buckle’ it ladies… 

11. Ruffle, ruffle, all the way! 

12. Feathers, laces and everything in between. 

13. Minimalistic beauty… 

14. Ruffles and fringes to keep up your fashion game! 

15. When in doubt, go for dhoti pants. 

16. This is what we call a new-age saree. 

17. In case, you’re cold… 

18. This outfit makes for an insta-worthy post! 

19. Too glam to give a damn.  

20. Dramatic neckline for my dramatic soul. 

21. Classically trendy! 

22. Nude or not? 

23. Layers on layers on layers… 

24. No time to find a pair? Go with this look. 

25. It’s like you’re my ‘mirror’… 

26. This woman knows how to kill it, like literally!!! 

27. Hey Siri, kidnap Shamita’s stylist! 

28. From drape to dope! 

29. Make everyone green with envy in this stunner. 

I hope by now you’ve found your outfit. Well, you can thank me later!