We may not have trishuls and talwars. But millennial women do have other weapons we’re proud to have finally earned in our current yug. Here are 10 significant astras (weapons) our current millennial avatars have (and should have).


A group of friends that you can always rely on, be immature with, and do even the most stupid things without judgement.


A significant amount of funds set aside for hard times to stand up, give your misery the middle finger and finally decide to move on.


The option to end it all when you know a relationship — be it marriage, living-in, dating, or a casual hookup — is going nowhere.


A method of contraception that you can always rely on and claim your sexual agency with.


The freedom to follow a career path of your choosing or not choose one at all.


A signature lipstick shade, elaborate eye-makeup, or just the minimal no-makeup look. Anything that’s an instant pick-me-up for when you need to feel fabulous.


Clothes that make you feel comfortable in your skin, are all ‘you’, and the freedom to wear them without judgement.


Juicy stories of your flamboyant life that you can pass on to your grandchildren and marvel at.


A friend who you know will always be there when you need them. Even if it means a 3am emergency.


The freedom to choose when to marry, whom to marry, and whether marry or not to begin with.

Design Credits: Saransh Singh