Moms are the real superheroes in our lives. The little things they do for us make us feel really special.

Silvia Grecco, a football fan from Brazil has gained worldwide attention for narrating local soccer matches to her 12-year-old blind and autistic son.

Grecco and her son Nickollas are ardent supporters of the Sao Paulo based team Palmeiras. The mother-son duo regularly watch matches from the stands, where Grecco narrates whatever happens on the pitch.

As a result, Nickollas reacts just like the other fans at the right moments.

The duo was spotted on camera last year, and since then they have become sort of celebrities.

After a recent match between Palmeiras and Botafogo de Ribeirao Preto, Grecco was quoted saying:

“I describe details: this player is wearing short sleeves, the color of their football boots, hair color. My narrating is something of my emotions. I’m not a professional. Everything I see and feel, I tell him, even when I need to curse the referee!”

She got her son to support her favourite team when they met the Brazilian international player Neymar at an event in Sao Paulo.

“Neymar lifted him on his shoulders and he passed his hand through Neymar’s hair, it was a big moment! So I asked Neymar what team he used to support as a child, and he said he was a Palmeiras fan! So I said “Do you see, Nickollas? Your mother, your player … I think your team should be Palmeiras!”

Grecco is yet another example of how mothers make their kids’ lives better.