If there is one thing you should remember when and if you decide to get married, it’s to never, ever pass up an opportunity to eat! Because food really is bae. In fact, this bride right here is an absolute inspiration when it comes to getting her priorities straight. 


In this viral video that was shared by a make-up artist named Simran Arora, a bride is seen enjoying a plate of Maggi noodles while she is smack in the middle of getting ready for her wedding. 


And when the person behind the camera asks her what’s up, she says “Bhook!” And goes on to excitedly say “Dulha wait karega!” Not only this but she obviously had no qualms about how long the groom would have to wait, because when asked, she said, “Ek aadha ghanta. Do bhi ho sakte hain!”

The video has received a whopping 108K likes, as it should! Feeding yourself is self-care too!

Reminder to always put your appetite before yours or anybody else’s wedding!