Lots of things make a wedding day special. Yes, of course marrying your life partner is definitely one of them, but the memories you make even before you marry your person are just as important! For instance this desi bride who decided to go for a Starbucks run right before her wedding! 

In this video posted by Wedlook Magazine, a bride can be seen happily sipping on a coffee, driving herself back home before her wedding. 


In it, the caption of the post says ‘When only Starbucks can calm your wedding anxiety.’ If you watch the video a little longer, you’ll see the bride making an ‘okay,’ hand sign, implying just how much fun she’s having on her coffee run. Cute right?

Here’s how people responded to the video. Most people tagged loved ones to say that they can picture them doing the same. While others loved seeing her having the time of her life on the coffee run and wondered how she was managing her bridal lehenga while driving and drinking coffee. 

Chasing coffee dreams while also getting to her relationship goals. Love it!