We’re never going to be perfect, are we?

We’re either too dark or too fair, too fat or too thin. 

Girls are forced to pick up fairness creams so that they win the affection of boys who survive solely on protein shakes to get abs just like their favourite celeb. While people indulge in these unhealthy practices, not a single soul tells them that it is important to love yourself for who you are. The unhealthy idea of what looks nice is not just playing with our emotional health but also our physical health as we indulge in starvation, apply chemicals and basically try to attain some Photoshopped body image we see all over magazines and billboards.

Aranya Johar has already proved that she is a girl with a strong voice with her poem A Brown Girl’s Guide To Gender, and she is now back with another guide: A Brow Girl’s Guide To Beauty, for Unerase poetryThrough her bold words, she brings out the beauty standards that are unfair, illogical and discriminatory. 

Give it a listen and maybe, you’ll find it easier to love yourself:

Listen closely, guys, because we are definitely more than our colour, weight and size.