I, you and all the other girls out there have been through that phase where our skin was not on best terms with us. Well, some of us are still suffering it. Now, think of your skin as your attention-seeking bae who needs pampering and love in order to function well. And if it is not behaving on good terms with you and throwing tantrums like pimples, dryness, itching etc. you need to go back to the basic and reinfuse your mind with the 7 dos and don’ts of the relationship you have with your skin.  


1. Make sure you flip your pillow once a week and wash it after every 15 days to avoid your skin from picking up bacteria, traces of makeup, dirt, and hair products residue that can damage your skin pores. 

2. Double cleanse your face to make sure that every trace of your makeup is removed from your face. 
3. Do exfoliate once a week to unclogs pores and get rid of blackheads, dead skin cells etc.   


4. Exfoliation is good but overdoing it can leave your skin irritated and make vulnerable to skin problems. 

5. Never burst or squeeze pimples as it can cause infection or scarring. 
6. Limit your alcohol intake to prevent its dehydrating elements from making your skin dull and shaggy. 
7. Avoid taking hot showers as it can remove the natural oils and proteins from your skin and makes it red and dry.