Mother’s day just went by, and we can’t be thankful enough to our mothers for standing like a pillar in our lives. One cannot imagine stepping into her shoes and being there for us through thick and thin.

Keeping that in mind, I cannot put into words how difficult losing a mother can be. But this beautiful tale of a father and daughter during pregnancy will leave you in happy tears. 

A Twitter user named Sanjay Pande shared his beautiful journey of how he took care of his pregnant daughter. He decided to be his daughter’s mother and do everything his wife would have done. 

Narrating the story in the thread, he explained how he prepared himself with the help of the internet, elders, and books. He created a traditional diet plan for his daughter and prepared the first batch of laddus for her. 

I decided to be my daughter’s mother’. Right from the day she informed me, I planned her traditional diet and learned by researching through nights, YouTube, elders, books, and everything I could lay my hands on. The FIRST batch of laddus for 30 days was ready. Problem? Delhi & UK!

What’s beautiful to note is that he did all this by living in Delhi and yet providing his daughter with healthy & nutritious food. 

He explained how due to Covid restrictions he couldn’t travel but made sure his daughter was provided with everything an Indian mother would do. 

Talking about preparing for post-pregnancy and the research he did, Sanjay said: 

Again research, foods & superfoods helping in lactation or increasing milk, etc were studied and the first lot was dispatched in August. It continued for each month. I visited the UK and made it in bulk. Whether it was Garden Cress, Edible Gum, Methi, Shatawari, or many such things.

Today, Sanjay has more than 12 laddus recipes, and he feels he has mastered the art of mixing ingredients and balancing calories. He ended the thread by feeling proud of himself and how he did not let his wife down. 

People on Twitter are in awe of him and his efforts. From asking him to share recipes to calling him super dada Ji, Here’s what they have to say.

What a wonderful story!

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