When we say the world is a dangerous place for women, it’s true. No, we’re not putting the whole clan of men down but calling out and highlighting the current scenario around the world. Because no matter one’s age, clothes or nationality, every woman has been cat called, passed lewd comments at, or been molested. And many others have fallen prey to being drugged and raped. 

The number of reports we read about it daily horrify us, making us worry about a woman’s safety, no matter who she is with.  

In Santa Monica, three women stopped an alleged rape from happening after they happened to see that a guy had drugged his partner’s drink.

Monica, Marla and Sonia were enjoying a dinner at the Fig and Fairmont Restaurant on a week night when Monica happened to see a man drug the drink of the woman he was with. Instead of just letting it go, they decided to do something before any possible harm could be caused to the woman.

They followed the woman into the bathroom and told her about what they saw. She was shocked, and taken aback. She knew the guy for a year and a half and said she was his good friend! Imagine knowing someone for years and still not knowing their true intentions. 


Here’s the full incident narrated by one of the ladies herself:

Can you even imagine what could have happened to the girl who was being drugged? The guy who drugged her would probably have gotten away after committing a crime, while the poor girl would have been messed up for a good part of her life.

The world is definitely one rogue less, but there are still many out there. While we can’t do much about it, what we can do is look out for each other.

So, ladies, if a girl is harassed in front of you, do not stand by and stay quiet. Stand with her and fight, because she’s one of our own.