While almost everybody celebrates the International Women’s Day on the 8th of March, there are many who still wonder what makes this day special. Well FYI, this day celebrates the struggles, the little joys and the awesomness of being a woman ! Here are some matter of fact reasons why it’s being a woman is pure joy! Time to be jealous, boys!

1. Because a night of Karaoke with our girlfriends is all we need to kick-start the weekend.

2. Be it a pair of formal pants or a saree, we can sport anything we want with panache

3. Because when we don’t have a new outfit, we can work wonders with our existing wardrobe. Take that boys!

4. Because be it long or short, every hairstyle suit us.

5. Because we have access to lipsticks and nail art. Need I say more?

6. Because we know when to become the man we want to marry.

7. Because something as simple as a kajal pencil can completely turn our day around.

8. Because…Our shampoo smells better!

9. Because fancy tic-tacs, hair-bands and scrunchies! Boo-yeah!

10. Because TBH as women, we complete the world.

Being a woman is definitely a blessing. And if you’re a strong, independent woman, there’s nothing that can stop you. So set out on your adventure with enthusiasm and Castrol Activ Scooter oil; specially designed for your scooter, it gives you the wings to fly, ensuring that you’re unstoppable at any given point of time in your life. #ChalUdteHain

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