We colour our hair, blow dry them, use hair sprays, curl them and do so much more. Our hair goes through a lot of phases of experimentation, because of which it also suffers a lot of damage. All the chemicals we bare our hair to causes its natural moisture to deplete, making it hair more prone to damage. 


Even the shampoos we use so generously everyday have chemicals that suffocate the natural oils in our hair. Our hair produces sebum, an oil that emanates from the sebaceous glands present on the scalp. This secretion attracts dust and dirt making it greasy and foul smelling.

Shampoos were invented to prevent the smelly and the greasy part, however, earlier people were suggested to wash their hair only once a month. Thanks to advertisements, this changed to everyday!


Now, washing your hair depends on a lot of factors- the pollution in your city, the kind of hair you have and the amount of chemicals you use on your hair. 

This is how often you should actually be washing your hair to prevent them from damaging:

If you have straight hair

Straight hair enables the sebum build-up to travel faster as it creates a straight path for the oil to travel down the follicles, which makes the hair greasy and smelly easily, within a day or two. Therefore, if you have light, straight hair, you are advised to wash your hair at least once in every two days.


If you have thick, curly hair

If you have long, thick and curly hair, then you need to wash your hair only once in 3 days. The secreted oil from the scalp takes a longer time to travel down the hair follicles because of their thickness and curliness. 


The ideal washing cycle should be twice a week, or whenever your hair needs it. But refrain from washing your hair everyday as it strips it off of moisture and its natural enhancers.