A sound night’s sleep is a crucial aspect of everyone’s life. According to certain research, a poor sleep cycle has negative effects on our hormones, physical performance, the nervous function, can cause weight gain and increase the risk of diseases in both adults and children. Taking into consideration the modern age life, sleep quality and quantity has declined to a great extent. Many people regularly experience poor sleep cycle. Here are 10 easy to follow by tips that will help you sleep better at night. 

1. Optimize your bedroom environment by eliminating external light and noise to get better sleep. 

2. Test different temperatures to find out which is most comfortable for you and maintain the same for a sound sleep. 

3. Avoid consuming alcohol before bed as it can reduce night-time melatonin production and lead to disrupted sleep patterns. 

4. Avoid consuming a large meal before bed as it can lead to poor sleep and hormone disruption.  

5. Your bed, mattress and pillow can greatly impact sleep quality and joint or back pain. Try to buy a high-quality mattress and bedding every 5–8 years. 

6. Avoid taking long daytime naps as it can impair sleep quality at night. 

7. Avoid consuming caffeine in high quantity in the late afternoon or evening as it can significantly worsen sleep quality.  

8. Increasing bright light exposure during the day keeps your circadian rhythm healthy which improves daytime energy, as well as nighttime sleep quality and duration. 

9. Reduce your exposure to blue light in the evening as blue light tricks your body into thinking it is daytime. 

10.  Taking 1-5 mg of a melatonin supplement 30-60 minutes before heading to bed can improve sleep quality and help you fall asleep faster.