Trust filmmaker Imtiaz Ali to touch subjects that not many mainstream Bollywood directors can do justice to, not just hitting the commercial nail in the head but also catering to those looking for cinematic respite. While he may have given you stories of dysfunctional lives of dysfunctional people in almost all the movies that he has made so far, his films are also a commentary on hope, in spite of all of life’s bumps and ridges.

As if full length features weren’t enough, Ali is making empowering dents in the genre of short films as well.

His latest short feature, called #IndiaTomorrow, is the story of a stockbroker who gets some serious financial advice from a prostitute, and though he is completely dismissive of her right from the start, he can’t help but take cognizance of what she has to say. Because the lady makes sense.

And the clincher: our protagonist does not give a hoot about the stockbroker dude’s ideas of what she should be doing with all her capability. Because she knows what she wants, and what she is doing. And she is cool with her life choices.

Please watch it here: