There are very few who use social media to spread love instead of hate. One such person in Dr. Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju, one of Karnataka’s first transgender doctors. This badass woman has taken it upon herself to put cis-transphobic-haters in place and is doing a damn fine job at it. 

As a trans person, Trinetra has often spoke about the sexism she faces in society. Her videos, some informative, and some just witty, give us a glimpse into her life. Her honest and take-it-with-a-pinch-of-salt approach is what sets her apart.

Around Women’s day, which has become a hallmark holiday of sorts, she spoke to ScoopWhoop about what it means to her. 

I’ve seen a lot of Women’s Days in my life, and most were spent lamenting the lack of acknowledgment of my womanhood by society at large. In a thoroughly misogynistic, patriarchal society such as ours, women are defined by their reproductive anatomy and ability, and an infertile woman is of no use to a cis-heteronormative, casteist society.  

-Dr. Trinetra

She also shed light on how society and brands often only weave trans women into the narrative only when necessary. 

Trans women, in particular, seem to be the new face of pink capitalism and Women’s Day ad campaigns – I wonder if people realise that as the clock strikes 12 and it’s the 9th of March each year, the pedestals are dismantled, the buzz dies out, and women go right back to being patriarchy’s doormat. And those additionally marginalised by their transness, caste, class, disability, religion, etc, even more so.

-Dr. Trinetra

As someone who has documented her entire transition on Instagram, Dr. Trinetra’s unapologetic voice sets her apart. She has become the sassy flag-bearer for women around the country, as she takes on issues like marital rape, homophobia and feminism every single day.