Lemon Tree Hotel is in the news lately and it’s not for its hospitality. After tasteless jokes on consent and sexual objectification of women which lean towards promoting rape culture, they are under fire again for the insipid, misogynistic jokes which they plaster their walls with in the name of ‘fun’.

What’s more, they don’t even realize what they’re doing wrong. After the backlash they received when Facebook user Anoushka Kapoor put up a picture on July 24th, which went viral recently, of their degrading joke on women in their bathroom stall, they came up with a response which talked about their chandeliers and Bastar art and no trace of an apology. 

We dug around and found that Anoushka wasn’t the only customer offended by their sense of humour. 

Another Facebook user Priyanka Choudhary, put up pictures of their misogynistic, tasteless jokes which goes in the name of the quirky graffiti all over Lemon Tree Hotel, Gurgaon and even on table mats in their restaurants.


Priyanka was understandably left with a bitter aftertaste.

But what really disturbed me was absolutely tasteless, misogynistic, cheap humour plastered all over the hotel in the name of quirky graffiti. ( As displays in the corridors, table mats in the Citrus cafe etc. You can see the images in the comments below)

And before some people come out of the woodwork to tell us that we are being too sensitive, this is what they need to know. 

I believe that such terrible humour has come to become standard practice in our society. Everyone is supposed to take it with a pinch of salt because its a joke, after all. But think again. Not only are these jokes offensive and target women ruthlessly and systematically and MUST be challenged.
 A joke is not just a joke. It reflects your mindset, your ethos as an institution. And if employing persons with disabilities makes you a sensitive institution( those certificates are the other thing plastering your walls), making derogatory jokes about half of the world’s population makes you an insensitive, callous institution.

We all enjoy jokes, but these ‘jokes’ consistently demean one particular gender and attack them baselessly using them as subjects of ridicule. 

Not sure how this ‘fun element’ brings a smile to any self-respecting individual’s face.