Jun 03, 2019 at 19:22

Moms Can Now Choose The Ingredients Of Their Personal Care Products! Read To Know More

by Bidisha-Sarkhel

These days moms are aware and conscious, as they have access to a wide variety of content around parenting tips. And they waste no time in using every bit of those tips in their everyday lives. They read every label, check out the nutritious value of every product, and they ask questions about things that make them confused. And now, finally, there's someone who is giving a patient hearing to what exactly our moms really want!

A platform called 'The Mom Mandate', is giving a unique opportunity to all the moms to vote for the ingredients that make their personal care products. This could be a game-changer and moms can now not only choose between products but also what goes into making the product.  

Here's how you can participate in this exciting election and be a part of The Mom Mandate...

You can just click on the link here and select the ingredients that you want in your personal care product.

What's more enticing is that you can get up to 50% discount if you register yourself...

Once you're done with choosing your favourite ingredients, you can also register yourself for a surprise! Yes, you heard that right! If you register on the website, you can avail a 50% discount on your purchase, once the product is revealed. Super cool, right?

Watch this powerful video below:

Wait, what are you waiting for? Just click on this link here and choose away...

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