It’s great to see that there are people who have your back, no matter what. And when these are people who are NOT your friends and family, it’s even more reassuring. When a colleague stands by you and tackles a guy to the ground, you know you have a hero amongst you!

American Airlines saw an episode of inappropriate behaviour from a 25-year-old man named Micheal Kerr. In an inebriated state, he made a mistake of pushing one of the female flight attendants. The incident happened late last month when the plane was on its way to North Carolina. 

After the plane landed safely, the pilot went to the passenger, to sober him down. However, he pushed another flight attendant and threatened to break the pilot’s jaw. Seeing a passenger misbehaving with his crew, the pilot decided that he had had enough. So he tackled and pinned him down for close to 20 minutes till officials arrived. 

The episode was captured by one of the flight attendants and shows how much courage the pilot displayed in a sensitive situation:

Kudos to the pilot who bolted to action!