Recently Chennai Super Kings won the IPL trophy for the fifth time and they cemented their reign when it comes to cricket leagues. While Ravindra Jadeja turned the match in the favour of his team, turns out he wasn’t the most talked about. In a weird turn of events, his wife Rivaba became the topic of discussion of many social media accounts.

It all started when Rivaba walked to Ravindra Jadeja after the victory. She hugged him and then she bent down and touched her husband’s feet. The gesture went insanely viral and caught people’s attention.

People are obsessing over the fact that she did something that falls into their idea of what an ideal wife should be like, but also, somehow, that she is “disrespecting” Indian culture but not putting sindoor?

This obsession has reached a point of glorification where they are putting down other cricketers’ wives who have their own careers.

People have conveniently forgotten the fact that Rivaba is a woman who is free to exercise her choice. It was her choice to touch her husband’s feet, and her choice to not wear sindoor.

Previously she was trolled for wearing Western clothes. And now that she is an MLA, she is trolled for being ‘too desi’. And neither of these narratives make sense.

In times of joy, people have their own way of expressing their feelings. And what someone does as a matter of personal choice should not be a topic for heated debates and discussions on what does and does not constitute “culture”. Indian culture is diverse and that is what makes it stand out.

It is 2023, can we please just let women be?

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