One of the most infuriating things to read about (today, and always) is people disregarding human life. Anyone treating another person as if they are sub-human is the worst way to exist on the planet, IMO. For instance, this West Delhi couple who assaulted their house help.

Disclaimer: The information ahead contains mention of abuse and domestic violence, and might be distressing and triggering to read. Readers’ discretion advised.

Reportedly, 48-year-old Rajni, who hails from Siliguri, West Bengal was dropped off by her employers to her placement agency a few days ago. 

The employers, Abhineet and his wife,  West Delhi residents, were paying Rajni ₹7,000 per month. And according to Rajni’s statement, the couple had been abusing her regularly and had even chopped her hair off! 


According to the Deputy Commissioner of Police (West) Ghanshyam Bansal, Rajni had been brought into Safdarjung Hospital with several injuries. Ones on her head, her stomach, and her limbs. What is even more distressing is how the couple dropped her off to the placement agency stating that she had “fallen sick.” *The audacity is real here guys.*


What made these two individuals think they could treat another person like this? If her socio-economic class was the reason, that’s very telling of the culture and times we’re living in.

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