Dear ladies,

You almost made history.

You may not have gotten the trophy home.

You may not have won the final.

But you did make us proud.

It was heartbreaking to see you all after the game.

Some crying, some on the verge of tears.

We felt your pain too.

Please know that.

We know you did not win.

But what’s important was that a billion people were watching you.

Because of you, countless girls will now want to pick up a bat and ball.

You were inspiring throughout the tournament.

As a team and as individuals.

Mithali & Jhulan, you may not be here for the next World Cup.

But you deserved to win one.

You have made Indian cricket what it is today.

You can leave with your heads held high.


As for the youngsters, the future looks really bright.

You should know now, that women’s cricket will never be the same in India.

No one expected you to get this far.

But you did.

You did not give up easily.

You only fell 9 runs short.


Many will say that you crumbled under pressure.

But we should give the opponents some credit too.

We should applaud you for trying.

We should respect you for giving it your best.

Today, England were the better side.

But you were no less.

It has been a pleasure watching you all play.

You made us feel happy, sad, nervous and everything else.

Most importantly, we felt what we had to because of what you did.

And it means, we care.

Many will say that people who never even watch cricket are now talking about it.

But that is the point.

Regardless of the result, you have arrived.

Indian women’s cricket has arrived and is here to stay.

Don’t be sad.

There is always next time.

Remember these matches, remember how you were almost there.

Because sooner or later, you will be here again.

We are certain of it.

Just like this time, we will be there too.

Ready to cheer for you.


You made us proud of being Indians.

You made us witness greatness.

We will never forget this day.

So, from everyone in this country,

Men, women and children…

Thank you!