Being a woman is not the easiest task in the world. Imagine packing all that gumption, ambition and emotion into one person and setting them loose on the world with the added pressure of PMS. Underneath our put-together, high-heeled, styled-hair personas, there are nights spent planning our outfit. Behind the kickass presentation that blew minds away is pull-your-hair-out anxiety, and as if we needed it, the unwelcome bad hair day. Well, it may not be a pretty picture, but we manage. 

Here are 10 comics that perfectly sum up the roller coaster that we womankind call life, something that every woman will relate to.

1. The stages of putting on eyeliner, also known as Maybe-no-one-will-notice. 

2. Styling her hair… Oh well, it was good while it lasted. 

3. Finding the perfect dress… Or not. 

4. The struggle that is planning an Instagram-worthy #OOTD.  

5. Getting their lives together, in general.  

6. But first, let’s take a selfie… Oh, nevermind. 

7. Dealing with Aunt Flo every month. 

8. She doesn’t need makeup. She’s got sarcasm. 

9. Trying on outfits at the mall vs. What the hell was I thinking? 

10. Look at my smooth, smooth legs… 

You see? With these and numerous other things to worry about, it is a wonder how we keep ourselves together. While the solution to most of our struggles is still being discovered, the answer to our body hair grooming woes is well within reach, fortunately. 

With Veet in the picture, there’s now a safe and easy way to get rid of body hair. Going beyond just the idea of hair removal, Veet gives you smoother, cleaner skin and reduces any concerns you may have about stubble or ingrown hair. So girls, simply apply and wipe off to get soft and hairless skin that stays smoother for longer!

Amazing designs by Aroop Mishra