If you think that all girls do together in their dorm rooms is dance on piya piya wearing pink pjs and fantasizing about guys then you have no idea what really goes on in there!

Some people revealed what it’s like inside a girls’ hostel and looking at the responses it seems like that’s the craziest and the strangest space one has ever come across!

1. “First, a girl in hostel is never short of clothes or accessories. Extensive barter system is practiced religiously and there is endless supply!”

2. “There are certain girls whose relationship is good with the watchman and the warden, and these girls are the unofficial leader of the other girls.”

3. “We waxed each other, did threading; we never needed a beautician.”

4. “Beware! Bra stealers around: Yes you heard it right. I too wonder what in life makes these girls steal bras too. And if it is a push-up or something other than normal one, it is not going to be spared.”

–  Anonymous

5. “Once my mom had packed a box of laddoos for me to eat when I left home to return to hostel after break. Next day I found the box empty.”

6. “There are open discussions about periods, masturbation, pregnancies, female anatomy, every topic under the sky is discussed at length and with interest.”

7. “Using iron to cook food (we were not allowed to use mess or have cooking equipments in the room)”

8. “We had a ‘yagya’ in our hostel just before graduating and someone threw in a ladi cracker in the holy fire. Hilarity ensued.”

9. “One girl was accused of witchcraft. Ex-gf told me the wardens, forcibly opened the room to find voodoo dolls, with some girl picture attached to do it.”

10. “Some girls were caught live using vibrators in their room when the warden barged into the rooms for a surprise check.

Ah, Well! She was surprised.”

11. “Cat fights?.. Well we just don’t agree on a few things.”

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