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Happy National Lipstick Day y’all!

National Lipstick Day is celebrated on the 29th of July every year. And the day is celebrated to encourage women to wear any lipstick shade of their choice. As you must have guessed, this day is usually associated with women and lipstick, but recently I came across this unique video by Shoppers Stop which shatters the myth. It highlights a tale of beauty and love that celebrates women, and their spirit. 

Every girl looks up to her dad as her first hero, as she resonates with her mother the most and follows her actions…

And, Shopper’s Stop has come up with a really cute initiative this Lipstick Day, that shows us a completely unique and adorable side of every family. The campaign line ‘Papa ko kisshey do‘ is all about the boundaries a dad pushes to make his daughter happy. 

He even puts on lipstick for her, because she wants a perfect birthday card for her mom!

Most daughters tend to use their mother’s jewellery and sarees to do the exact same things their mother does in the house, often cutely mimicking them. In this video too, the daughter plays with her mother’s makeup and makes her dad apply lipstick just so they can seal a special card for her mom with kisses. The best part? He obliges and fulfils her wishes without any second thoughts, just to make her happy, and receive her kiss, which she always gives every time he does something for her. Isn’t that awwdorable?

You can watch the video here: