We all want to look our most beautiful and flawless self, every single day. What else explains the amount of time and money we’re willing to spend searching for the newest treatment in town?

Take for instance, the zillion YouTube tutorials on all kinds of beauty issues. From dealing with wrinkles to removing blackheads, there’s a new and somewhat bizarre tutorial, just a click away. 

Speaking of bizarre, the newest internet obsession when it comes to removing blackheads is ‘skin gritting’. A video of this process is going viral online and garnered over 26 million views. What is this process? Honestly, you might not be able to finish watching the video because it’s an extreme close-up of the process, including removal of the pus and sebum from the skin. 

What’s worse is that people are also sharing images of the ‘removed’ blackheads placed on their hands on their social media platforms. WTF! 

Certainly not for the faint-hearted, you can watch the video here: 

How far would you go to remove your blackheads?