In the hit Amazon Prime Video series Panchayat, Manju Devi is the village head of Phulera but it is actually her husband who does the duties of the Pradhan. Manju Devi is the Pradhan of the village only on paper. If you thought this set-up was fictional, we have a surprise for you.

Just like what happened in Phulera, news of a similar situation from Madhya Pradesh has come in. According to various reports, 10 women were elected as panchayat members. But the oath-taking ceremony took an awkward turn when male kin of the women’s family took the oath for the said position. Out of 10, only three women were present. The remainder were male family members who took the oath of equality. Ironically.

The news went viral on social media and netizens commented on the ground realities of women led panchayats in the country.

According to the report, the district administration has ordered an enquiry into the matter. All this just goes on to prove how we, as a country, are still denying constitutionally guaranteed rights to women and minorities.