We know how society loves telling women what to do and what not. While it’s not hidden that the idea of beauty society holds for women is problematic. So in a world where a woman’s beauty is defined by society’s mean standards, it’s brave to stand out and do something you love, isn’t it? 

A visual artist Esther Calixte-Bea is doing just that as she flaunts and embraces her chest hair. We live in a world where a single piece of hair on a woman’s body is undesirable. So Esther smashing those beliefs and choosing her own beauty standard is inspiring.  

Narrating her journey on social media, Esther shared she had a hairy chest from a very young age that made her feel insecure in her own skin. 

I was ashamed, scared, and simply hated myself. I wanted to be ‘normal’ like every other girl that surrounded me, I wanted to fit the standard and feel beautiful because I looked like how I was told a desirable woman should look like.

As a teenager, she hesitated to go swimming because she didn’t want to deal with the process of shaving or waxing. Later in 2019, Esther decided to accept her identity and redefine the beauty standards set by society. 

She started a campaign called the “Queen Esie’s Lavendar project” to allow women to own their feminine beauty.

One day, I realized I had enough of hating myself, of crying when I saw my body covered in hair and the fact that I was getting hairier the more I removed it. It was draining & depressing. As an artist, I decided to set myself free by creating a project that challenged the taboo of female body hair & femininity.

It’s been three years of her journey, and many more to go! No one should be ashamed of body hair. As Esther rightfully puts it, “Normalizing female body hair is about removing the shame no matter if you have a hormonal disorder or not. Humans have body hair, and no one should be ashamed of it. Choose You.”

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