How difficult is it to understand the difference between a ‘No’ and a ‘Yes’? But somehow when a victim claims they have been raped even after resisting and saying ‘No’, we don’t believe them. Instead we go on to ask ridiculous questions.

“Are you sure?”

“You must have been drunk.”

“Maybe he/she didn’t mean to.”

“You must have given them signals.”

Any coercive, penetrative action that goes against the consent of an individual falls under rape. Period. There’s no if or but to it. It’s clear and simple. 


A Twitter user who goes by the username, @_clvrarose, dished out what rape is to everyone in 11 simple tweets. If you too are confused, read on: 

Till when do we have to keep shouting the same thing, until we’re heard and understood? A ‘No’ means ‘No’.