Have you even noticed how much criticism women get for speaking in the same way as men? Let’s just take a very desi example for this; in our culture, boys using cuss words is usually more acceptable than girls using cuss words. I smell hypocrisy.

Now this isn’t to justify the use of offensive language, but to question why women are treated differently to men for doing the same thing? And this is why this Twitter thread about how women are judged far worse than men in work places is so relevant. 

In the thread, a tech professional by the name of Janneke Parrish has shared how she got fired for asking a male colleague to stop interrupting her while she was speaking. 

It’s alarming to read about because her colleague decided to make changes to the project that SHE was heading. And refused to let her speak while she was trying to gain clarity why he made the decision.

Many women came forward to share similar experiences; where women are critiqued for speaking in the same tone or with the same language as men do in professional spaces. 

These comments by two Twitter users offer really great insight into how unsafe most environments are for women. It’s difficult to stand up and call these sort of organizations out because women simply don’t have the support that they require, yet. 

The amount of women that have come forward and confessed being in similar situations in this thread is incredibly upsetting. 

And as usual, there are plenty of people who commented and said that gender has nothing to do with the situation, and that it’s a workplace power dynamic and hierarchy based problem rather than a gender problem. Unfortunately, this ingrains sexism further into our minds because it’s reinstalling the practice of oppressing women’s voices. Why do women get dismissed so much and why are our concerns downplayed to such an extent?

Just hear us out! Women have to fight (unreasonably so) to be heard in order to have access to the same opportunities as men. And when we do get the same opportunities, we’re put right back into the toxic cycle of being unheard and misjudged for the way we communicate. Please stop.