It’s no hidden truth that marriage changes a lot of things for a woman. She is expected to start a new life with her husband, which involves changes like staying with the spouse’s family and sometimes even affecting her career. 

That said, people on Reddit have asked married women about one of those what-if situations, and the question is, “If you go back in time, will you get married again? why? The responses ahead give you an insight into how marriage changes a woman’s life. 

1. “Wow, I feel like a heel. Nope. It’s pretty good now but it’s one of those “if I knew then what I know now” situations. Sometimes the pain isn’t worth the reward and I definitely wouldn’t do it again.”


2. “Yes. I’m extremely happy and in love with my partner. We’ve been happily married for more than 15 years, and we have a wonderful relationship. We are both very happy to be married to each other.”


3. “Absolutely. I love my partner to pieces and he definitely enhances my life and has encouraged a lot of self-growth. We communicate well, he’s affectionate, he listens, does his share of the partnership. Plus, that tongue game is STRONG, let me tell you.”


4. “Fuck no. I got married too young out of lust and irrational fear. I would rather be single for life, with a strong circle of friends, and have one or two fuck buddies and friends with benefits for life.”


5. “No. Was married for 25 years and I gave that man, our marriage, our family, and home my all. I was not enough for him or his family and the bad times outweigh the good times. Been divorced for 11 years now and have spent that time rebuilding my finances (a never-ending project), hunkering down in my career, and raising my children alone.”


6. “I would never do it again. I miss my individuality, my own space, and my freedom to think of only myself. I’m so tired of having to be patient with my husband and kids. I would live alone, only have dogs and play in the field and a great vibrator.”


7. “No. I would stay Solo and do all the stuff I can’t do now that I am bound down. Like moving to another country and being with my family there. Can’t do that now as he is a lazy ass and would never seek adventure sadly.”


8. “100% yes. Would totally change our wedding though we both have so many ideas for what we would have done differently.”


9. “Nope. Not because of him – but because I bought into the trope of marriage as a means to prove self-worth, value, etc. I would have gotten to know myself more first.”


10. “I would have waited longer. I love my husband and life is easier with him in it but I think I would wait and do individual and couples therapy first. We both have a lot of work to do on ourselves and now that we’re married it adds this level of complication and pressure to it that’s hard to explain.”


11. “Yes. We were both 30-ish, so not too young. And for the past 30+ years have supported each other and raised two great kids. When he’s been out of work, I’ve supported us, and when I’ve been out of work, he’s done the same. We both feel lucky to have each other because we’re both not the greatest catch in the land.”


12. “I would not choose an arranged marriage to the guy I ended up with or an arranged marriage at all, but yes, I would marry again.”


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