Ranchi is blessed with picturesque views, rich tribal heritage, and an amazing crowd to share all its magic with. While Dhoni still remains our most prized possession, the city has a lot more to offer than just him. These little elements from around the city are what makes Ranchi what it is.

1. Indulge in the most soul-satisfying breakfast at Uday and Punjab Sweet House.

The aroma from freshly made puri sabzi and jalebis will pull you from miles away. You can never go wrong with starting your day from the misthan bhandars that have been satisfying bellies and hearts with everything delicious.

Source: Ranchi Online

2. Take an impromptu bike trip to Patratu Valley and drive along its winding roads.

Feel the wind in your hair as you ride down the winding roads and bless your eyes to the picturesque view of the valley.

Source: Ashok Tigga

3. Unwind and treat your taste buds at the end of the day at Ramu Chaat.

If you can find the thela without them saying, “Sorry bhaiya, khatam ho gaya aaj” then lady luck is on your side. The most amazing chaat you’ll find in the universe is made with love in this small thela, which has been around for two generations.

Source: Akash K

4. Join the celebratory mood of the city post cricket victories at Albert Ekka Chowk.

The city awakens with joy and energy when the Indian cricket team brings home another win. The jubilant mood around Albert Ekka Chowk is a sight to behold, with people pouring in from different parts of the city.

Source: India Today

5. Feel the festive air of Christmas as every tola prepares itself for fairs from the second week of December.

The second week of December fills the city’s air with Christmassy-joy. Numerous fairs fill the city with a celebratory mood as the tolas get decorated with fairy lights and stars, kebabs roasting at every turn, and songs that prepare the population for the nimki, arsaa, and plum cake noshing week.

Source: iNext

6. Witness the thriving local art scene at the various art exhibitions held at Audrey House.

With a constant push from the State Government, the local talent is being unearthed- art exhibitions are giving the artists a platform for their art to be in full display.

Source: Prabhat Khabar

7. Unleash your gluttonous inner self with lip-smacking momos at Nepal House.

Authentic Nepali momos made by the Nepalese population of Ranchi, with a pricetag that is easy on the pockets- nothing can get better than that.

Source: Abhilasha Minj

8. Park your ride near Dhurwa Dam and feel the calm of its waves.

Bored at home or want to blow some steam off after a long day of work? The calming waves and the picnic-y vibe of Dhurwa Dam is the go-to drug to ease tensed nerves.

Source: We Are Ranchi

9. Visit a diversity of shops set up at the various melas that are held at Morabadi ground.

Morabadi ground hosts a number of melas all year round. You can spend an entire day visiting the small shops and indulging in local delicacies.

Source: JK News

10. Visit Tagore Hill which overlooks the city and immerse yourself in the history that this place offers.

The quaint house on top of a hill surrounded by a huge garden is the perfect getaway from the noisy and chaotic city life. The hill is named after Jyotirindranath Tagore, Rabindranath Tagore's elder brother, who settled in that quaint little house. It is believed that Rabindranath Tagore wrote a number of poems contained in Gitanjali which he composed in the tranquillity of this very place.

Source: Ranchi.nic

11. Take a trip to one of the numerous waterfalls that are peppered around the city.

Ranchi is very close to nature- surrounded by forests, a religion that worships nature, and waterfalls at every turn.

Source: Dabanjans Land

12. Indulge yourself with the softy ice cream outside Firayalal that has been scooping up this delicacy for decades.

Shopping at Firayalal and not having a lick of this sugary swirl is considered to be a cardinal sin by many. The classic lines and the purity of the bonne bouche, many associate it with the time when everything was simple and easy.

Source: Cook Safari

13. Book an overnight stay at Netarhat, away from the chaos of city life.

Get a view of the clear milky way galaxy or watch the panoramic view of the sunrise from Magnolia Point. Netarhat is calm and serene with a famous school sitting in the middle of nowhere.

Source: Ujjawal Agrawal

The erratic weather might keep you within the confines of your soaked accommodation at times, but remember, you'll always have dhuska and the trusty old chai at your side to keep you company.