In my list of top 3 nightmares, the first would obviously be having my eyes plucked out à la Kill Bill , the second would be eating a lizard and the third would be someone spilling their love sauce in my coffee. I mean I love coffee but that’s a different issue. The point is:

Until last week, ejaculating into someone’s drink was not illegal in Minnesota, USA.

What the what you ask? Apparently, this one guy wanked into a coworker’s coffee cup more than a couple of times, leaving him exhausted and her with PTSD.

Source – blogspot

He was finally caught and taken to court with a flurry of charges, all of which were dropped as the judge said the crime required nonconsensual touching of the victim’s intimate parts.

After all this poor woman had to go through, the upside of this bizarre incident was Minnesota proposing a bill to ban ejaculating into people’s cups.

The downside was this poor woman had to deal with some really mediocre coffee!

We read about this bizarre incident on the DailyStar .