On an average day, how often do you say ‘Thank you’? Quite a few times, right? Coke realized this as well and tapped it brilliantly in their latest activation ad in the Philippines, titled ‘The Happiest Thank You’. This is not the first time Coke has done something unique. Earlier this year, they came up with ‘The Friendly Twist’ in a college campus making it easy for freshmen to talk to each other on the first day of class and then there was the ‘Hello Happiness’ campaign where they turned bottle caps into currency so that migrant workers in the UAE could call their families back home. This time, Coke targeted their ‘happiness’ campaign to people in the Philippines who serve others in various roles like drivers, check-out counter assistants, parking lot attendants, etc. They get a lot of thank yous everyday but this eye-opener of a video shows which one is truly the happiest.



What’s in a name? Apparently, a lot.