We are a society obsessed with the idea of virginity. The widely accepted notion about how a woman loses her virginity is associated with the breaking of the hymen. That tiny sheath of membrane is deemed to be a symbol of purity, ‘ a freshness seal’ that breaks once penile penetration occurs. *cue dramatic music*

Adam Ruins Everything has come up with a video, breaking down the hoopla surrounding cherry popping.

When you’re having sex for the first time, contrary to popular notion, it isn’t always ‘supposed’ to hurt. Hymens can break during rigorous physical exercise, cycling, horse riding, or even when you’re indulging in your little sexy time DIY project. And, surprise surprise, they may not break at all sometimes, despite penetration by tampons, fingers, and even a penis.

This video will help you understand how the ‘balloon arch’-like hymen works and busts myths surrounding the notion of virginity.

So, no. No ‘deflowering’.