The thing about having a miracle is that you are not just supposed to revere it, but also enjoy it, something we oft forget. Leia and Lauren, two incredibly cute bundles of joy are MoMo twins, and their birth is a miracle that their parents celebrate, and every day. Monoamniotic twins or MoMo twins, are babies who share the same amniotic sac, but have two separate umbilical cords.

They have an Instagram account handled by their mother, where you’ll find the cutest of pictures . Take a look!

Uh, could somebody take our order, please?


“Last bag of chips, we start gymming tomorrow!”

Cannot make a choice with containers so cute!


“Take the pram, I’ll just paddle along.”

“We were trying for spooky…”

“You had to catch that Pokemon! It’s gone now!”

 “Fudged the look! Fudged it!”

“You can’t sit with us.”

“Just for the shoot? I thought we could eat this!”

Hepburn and Monroe, can you match the swag?

“That’s not a plane, it’s a bird!”

Bro-ing it out.

Too much cuteness in a single cot!

Grocery shopping done right.

“Need to get out! Cannot see! Out! Get Me OUT!”

“I guess that’s just how far it stretches.”

“It’s okay… I see food on the way…”

We found Nemo, we guess!

Cooking be like.

“Told her it would look silly.”

Cute noodles, cute babies, cute utensils. Just all things cute.

“This was so not my idea.”

You two! Keep rolling out that cuteness!