Scientific fact - Most activities are more fun with no pants on. Case in point, this person who seems to have driven the internet into a tizzy after being pictured walking into a hotel reception pant-less. Uploaded on the Facebook page Passenger Shaming , the picture, which could be of a man or a woman, has got us all asking ourselves 'Could it be? Could someone finally have harnessed the kind of courage the rest of us only dream of and walked around without pants in a hotel lobby?'.

Of course, it could just be an optical illusion, what with the existence of leggings in the world. In fact, beige leggings could be the answer to this whole strange fiasco. Some commenters had different theories though, with a certain Kevin going down a different line of thought. " The airline lost my luggage and this is what I was wearing on the plane." What ever it is, it'll probably never be solved. So what do you think, pants or birthday suit?