Love her or hate her, but you sure can’t ignore. Miley Cyrus is making news again for performing ‘Lakshmi puja’ at her home in Malibu on Sunday, while the rest of the America was either talking about the Super Bowl 51 or of course, Trump.

Her Instagram showcased a tradition Hindu prayer arrangement complete with statues of Gods and Goddesses, fruits and all the material that is a pre-requisite during a puja. A big bowl of halwa could also be spotted in the picture

The caption said “#FruitBowl over Super… #offering”

Not just that, but this other picture with a huge room with a very Indian seating arrangement with flower petals all over was also posted by her. A lot of candles in glass jars can be spotted on the floor and this she captioned, ‘Puja’. 

Cyrus has always shown an affinity of Hinduism as a religion. Especially, through her tattoos, one which says ‘karma’ on her finger and the ‘Om’ symbol inked on the inside of her left wrist.

Image Source: Instagram