A part of us died when we saw Hodor die in the latest episode of Game of Thrones. We were also shown the origin of Hodor in a heart-wrenching sequence where Walder (Hodor’s real name) dies saving Bran.

*Spoiler Alert*

Make A Gif


A lot of us were in agony because we wouldn’t be able to see Hodor anymore but I guess we were wrong. You can now download a Hodor calculator to let you do all the Hodor tasks.

You can now download the app here. It’s available in the Google Play Store.


What is Hodor x Hodor? HODOR!


What is Hodor – Hodor x Hodor (Hodor / Hodor)? HODOR!


You don’t even need to care about BODMAS rules because it’s always Hodor.



Can we please give the creator of this app a ‘Medal of Hodor‘?